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How we work & Our Expertise

Our expertise is in our core systems which drives the growth and success of APT.

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    Data Platform

    Big data is at the heart of our operations. Timestamped & validated data ensures that very strong foundations are laid to generate deep insights from the data. We use varied data sources including internally generated data to drive superior research and to improve the performance of our execution platform.

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    Research Platform

    Agility and swiftness in coding and testing new ideas is integral to ensuring that we are constantly working toward improving our trading strategies by identifying new sources of alpha. These new ideas/alphas are assessed based on their ability to generate profits on historical data and on alignment with our risk framework.

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    Execution Platform

    Time truly is of the essence in high frequency trading. Our strategies lean on an extremely low latency execution infrastructure to capture opportunities. We use cutting edge software and hardware technologies to stay ahead of the curve and competition.

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