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We believe that talent thrives in an environment of dynamic culture and agile practices. We place a premium on new ideas and perspectives, and constantly collaborate to solve complex problems. At APT, teams are constantly encouraged to innovate and put their best foot forward. At the end of the day, we let the brightest ideas shine.

Our Values

Collaborative Growth

At APT, co-learning comes before co-working. The environment at APT enables employees to constantly share and collaborate with each other, thereby ensuring that both knowledge and growth have a multiplier effect. We have an open culture where both great ideas as well as employees thrive and contribute to immense value creation.

The You First Ideology

We believe that when it comes to YOU, our employees, there are no compromises. Which is why we are focused on engaging with our teams, encouraging two-way conversations, and proactively envisaging solutions that can empower YOU.

Innovation First Approach

As an ambitious organisation, we never shy away from executing the most out of the box ideas that we come across. We even love giving a shot to ideas which might be deemed as impossible by many. On the other hand, being self-aware and learning from our experiences, we also understand the importance of knowing where to stop and when to pick it up again. With virtues of patience and foresightedness, this approach has worked wonders for us so far.

An Environment Of Co-Creation

Knowledge and opportunities, if shared, have a multiplier effect that can generate significant value. We nurture our employees by providing them with an opportunity to participate in knowledge building workshops and group discussion. Our mentorship program enables employees to challenge themselves and seek more challenging opportunities within the firm.

Your Home Away From Home

We are a flat and equal opportunity organization. We care deeply for all members of our team and ensure that the necessary support is extended to team members, both professionally as well as personally.